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Did I miss something? Where is the DWALL or RANDOMROLL modules?

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I'm running a Mark VII Tetra with v2.1.3 software, and I do not see entries for installing the subject modules.   Have I missed something?   They do not appear in the list of modules to install.


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Is it about the Tetra or the Mark VII? It's not the same thing (although I would guess Mark VII since firmware 2.1.3 is mentioned). You are probably not missing anything, but most likely looking at the wrong list of modules. The modules that are available for the Mark VII are those that you see when you populate the list in the Pineapple web UI. Don't mix it all up with the modules available for previous generations (such as the Tetra or the Nano). Instead of DWall, you could probably try to use HTTPeek on the Mark VII. However, I wouldn't be overly optimistic in getting any fish in the net since most stuff use https nowadays.

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Greetings all - thanks for your replies.  Actually - I have both, a Mark VII and a Tetra.  I was trying to find the modules for the Mark 7.   I know there's a lot of encryption out there now, but wanted to set it up for a few demos.  I wanted to definitely demo a rick-roll for some folks so they could see how it works.  I was surprised that the modules weren't in the list to install.    Thanks

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