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Best Way To Contact Customer Support?

New Dude

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I placed an order for numerous items but the lic key/e-mail combo for Payload Studio Pro does not work. I've sent e-mail to shop@hak.org and also burned a fair amount of time sending messages through the community support bots with absolutely no reply. Going on for about two weeks now. Cannot seem to locate a legit customer service phone number or even an e-mail address (perhaps this is intentional on Hak5's part), but what is the best way to reach someone at Hak5 or at least get a reply? New to working with the firm, just trying to learn how things work around here. Thanks!

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The ways you mention are the best ways. Either official customer support (not community support) or using the email that order information was sent out from Hak5. The few times I have needed to ask something about an order, I've just replied back on the order email from Hak5 and almost gotten instant response. One thing to remember is that Hak5 isn't Ford or Sony, it's a small number of people taking care of support and all other things related to running a business. That might make it take a while longer although I can understand some part of the frustration if needing to wait for weeks.

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Thanks again dark for responding and offering assistance. As you suggested, I replied back to the order e-mail with no reply  The only official customer support process I can find on their retail website ends up as a "community support" chatbot with no reply. I see Darren Kitchen occasionally makes an appearance here, also tried to reach him but got the dead end reply that he cannot receive messages here. Some others here have related their frustrations with overseas purchases but I am domestic. Anyhow don't want to belabor the point, gonna give them another week, then have to think of something else. Thanks again!

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