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Capturing wifi traffic on Windows Wireshark with promiscuous mode

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I am a n00b and trying to self-educate. I'm trying to pick up my phone traffic with the pineapple without using Evil WPA. I think I should be able to launch Wireshark and capture on the Pineapple using promiscuous mode and collect what is being sent over the air, but that does not seem to work. I don't want to modify traffic, this is purely for monitoring.

I know Windows is not great for this stuff. I plan to get a duel boot for Linux as well but in the meantime, I'd like to figure out if what I'm trying to do is even possible.

To add more context, I'm ultimately after a method of target monitoring a device and capturing all of the traffic addresses. If I'm going about this incorrectly, I'm open to suggestions. I have spent a lot of time trying to figure this out.

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Before trying to dig deeper into what you can't get to work, I have to ask; are you trying to use the Pineapple as a WiFi adapter in Windows? That simply won't work since the Pineapple isn't a WiFi adapter. It's a device of its own. You could "stream" captured information from the Pineapple (using tcpdump) to Wireshark on another machine, but that's kinda out of scope for the "normal" use cases of the Pineapple.

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Like dark_pyrro said, it's confusing what you're after. You can use tcp dump or airodump-ng using wlan1mon on the Pineapple. You cannot use Wireshark to set a WiFi adapter in promiscuous mode. I wish you could, but WiFi adapters do not support promiscuous mode. 802.11 states that secured networks need unique session keys for each connection, so you wouldn't be able to decrypt traffic for other devices without a captured handshake, anyway. And as you said, Windows is not great for monitor mode. There are a few tools that can do it with supported NICs, however, if you need to sniff WiFi packets from the PC. 

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