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O.mg cable and ios devices. Am i doing something wrong?


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So, I got my O.mg cable about a couple months ago. I tinkered with it but I really want to put it to good use. Pretty much my question is, how do you get it to send a payload to an Iphone. I have an Iphone 8, 11 pro max, and and Iphone 13 pro max to play around with and I've tried it on every single device with no help. 


So here is what i've done so far. Installed and setup the O.mg cable the correct way. I got the camera adapter for the cord since it was recommended in forums ( o.mg cord is lightning to usb C) adapter is (lightning to usb a, and has an extra lighting adapter) I use my Mac to send the payloads to my Iphone. I have a Macbook pro. I was able to use the cord without the adapter on my Mac (no iphone connected)  and I was able to use a payload on the Mac (the rickroll one) but as iphone goes, nothing works. Am I doing something incorrect? Is the camera adapter even needed? The payload scripts are all correct but I keep getting error. I really want to figure out how to implement it to the Iphone because I do not have an android and would love to have one just to tinker with it. I really don't want to give up either with this cable and let it go to waste so if someone can help that would be amazing. I'm also using the payloads in github since i'm still learning and want to use basic steps first before going on to more intensive scripts. The Iphone's are all unlocked also. Do they have to unlocked the whole time to get these payloads to work? Or is using payloads on Ios just more advanced that a begginer like me will have to do more research? I just want to be able to use one simple payload on iphone. I have tried finding videos but the only thing i've seen so far regarding apple is either Mac or and Ipad and I get bombarded with articles about the o.mg cable on google so it's very annoying trying to find anything regarding this topic. I really don't want to give up on this device and let it go to waste so please any feedback would be great. 

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