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Help with VPS for Key Croc

oscar bonilla

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Hello everyone, can someone please suggest me which VPS is better? I need it to be stable and stay 100% active, I don't want it to be Amazon AWS Lightsail, because it shuts down without prior notice. I also want to know if someone has managed to transmit video of the Crab, because I have only managed to upload screenshots. I thank you in advance for your support and suggestions.

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What are you going to use the VPS for along with the Key Croc? No one will offer you 100% uptime/availability, at least not for consumer grade services (or money that an ordinary consumer usually is able to pay for).

In what way did you configure the Crab? Also... Crab questions belong in the Crab section of the forums. This one, perhaps could be in the Cloud C2 section, but it's more about the Crab in this case judging from your description. (That is if the "recipient" of the videos is Cloud C2, if you mean something else you have to clarify that).

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