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QUACK DELAY vs Bash sleep


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Is there an effective difference between "QUACK DELAY 1000" vs "sleep 1"?  I have a payload which simply needs to delay for a time, but I can't see any benefit to using QUACK versus 'sleep' on the Bash Bunny.  I know QUACK DELAY is from back on the Rubber Ducky, so Ducky Script is going to include it.  I'm just curious if there's a reason for one vs another on the BB.



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I would say; not really. The sleep command is bash (as you've already mentioned) and 'QUACK DELAY' is the Python 'time' module using the 'sleep' method/function (i.e. 'time.sleep'). I guess it's a matter of "clean coding". If the majority of the payload was Ducky Script, I would probably use 'QUACK DELAY' instead of entering a few bash commands here and there, just to keep it more consistent and readable. If it was more mixed, I would go with whatever feels good/appropriate at the moment. If there were blocks of script code in the same payload, I would probably use 'QUACK DELAY' in Ducky script blocks and 'sleep' in bash blocks. Makes it easier if I want to transfer payload blocks and re-use them on other devices, such as the Ducky (need to get rid of the QUACKs though).

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