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Can the non cable version support serial via its charge port?


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As the title suggests, with the Shark Jack cable version being released, how much hardware difference exists between the units

Would it be be possible to enable serial output via the Type-C port? Effectively making the non cabled version just as featureful?

If not this would be a great idea to add to a revised product


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If it would be possible, it would be documented. The PCB actually has pads for hardware serial. It requires to open the case though and that will void warranty. It also needs to be exposed in a way that makes it possible to use with the case still on. Using the USB-C port for that? Probably not since you need some kind of device/circuit that takes care of the serial to USB part. Perhaps remove the battery and replace it with a CP2102 (if possible to find one small enough) and solder the USB side to relevant pins on the USB-C port, but that will just be a lot of work.

As for the revised product, I guess that it's already revised and that product is the Shark Jack Cable (getting hardware serial and ditching the battery).

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