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  1. Is it possible to get the required modules for USB RDNIS devices (4G Modems) to work on the mark-vii? This would be great in allowing for a battery powered remote deployment
  2. Hi All, Not sure if this is only an issue with the squirrels I recently obtained, but the inbuilt LED script had issues with anything under a 1 second blink time (eg. 999 instead of 1000) in which the LED would blinking every 1ms instead This for me was due to the included BASH environment being unable to handle floating maths, a simple fix was to change it to use awk for this function Simple change the line of code for the function convert() to the one below function convert() { echo $(if [[ $1 -lt 20 ]]; then awk "BEGIN {print 20/1000}"; else awk "BEGIN {print $1/1000}"; fi) } Hopefully this helps, and if it is a bug in the firmware hopefully it can be fixed long term :)
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