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Data Exfil and keylogging via DuckyScript...Elite vs Std


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Can DuckyScript payloads be used for data exfil and keylogging? I'm trying to decide between the standard and Elite as data exfil is the main area or interest. But if I could load a script to do it then might save the money. This is mainly to target android phones.

What other features have been really useful and worked well on the Beta from a user point of view.

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Sorry,should have mentioned that this for the O.MG cables. The idea is for testing out BYOD (android mostly...cause they cheap 🙂)and the weaknesses. So using DuckyScript vs buying the Elite that covers the covert data exfil. Any other fun uses that maybe arent covered in the official stuff, like what happens when i plug this into a PS5 lol?

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