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List captured client probes


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I may have overseen something, but I'm missing an option to list all client probes received.

I'm still new to the mk7 - but I can't find any of the GUI options to show those.

Is this now a CLI only feature to get a nice list? Because it felt like, that even the system log missed some, that should have been there - but it is not very nicely presented.

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This was at least a feature of the Gen 6 PineAP implementation (Nano/Tetra). As I remember the Discord discussions about this, it's not a feature of the web UI for the Mark VII. I haven't found it at least (but not looked for it either lately).

I guess this is what it's all about:


The reference that is mentioned is to look in the event/activity logs (turn on PineAP logging in the PineAP Advanced settings).


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