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Do I have a cooked Pineapple?


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So I recently updated the lil dude to 2.1.2, it was working fine with 2.1 but I figured why not. Anyways I got it all set up I think and the first issue was that it kept kicking my phone from the open AP for some reason, no clients could connect. Then I tried changing the open AP SSID from Pine Juice to PineyWhiney. Well I hit save and the interface page just froze and when I reloaded, it wouldn't connect. I looked over and there was no LED on the Pineapple. Unplugged and replugged, still no light. Held the button, no rainbows. No LED since and certainly no interface page. I run the thing off my PC's usb C port. 

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I just got my pineapple mark vii, and I went through the setup. Got to the management screen, tried to download modules and got an error with the connection, not connected to the internet. So, I searched the forums and wiki and found out that I had to do a recovery. When to the documentation, and followed the steps and my pineapple would not log into the recovery page. I tried several times holding the button, applying power, releasing the button after 3 red flashes to get a solid red light. I follow the next step which was to assign a static ip address to with subnet mask to eth0. Then when try to open my firefox and go to the recovery ip of, it says the page cannot load. I try putting the address and I get the same error. I have tried for hours now to log into the forum and it tells me my account is locked. is my pineapple bricked, or is there still hope of doing a recovery?

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Are you sure that the browser isn't forcing https when trying to access the Pineapple web UI? Can you ping or is it dead? Since you mention eth0, I assume that you are running some form of Linux based OS. Are you sure that eth0 is the interface representing the Pineapple on the computer? Is it the only Ethernet interface on the computer?

It's difficult to brick the Pineapple, you have to put a lot of effort into doing that (if it wasn't a DOA of course).

If you get some kind of "can't access internet" message when trying to install modules on the Pineapple, try to sync the date/time first before doing a recovery. I most often get that message after updating or doing a factory reset and I just make sure that the Pineapple has the correct date/time and then there are no issues accessing things on the internet (such as modules or other stuff).

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