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Newbie question about Wifi Coconut


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So i got the Wifi Coconut up and running on my Mac Mini M1 without any issues but do have a couple of questions which I'm hoping someone can help me with

1) I figured out how to send the packets to Wireshark but wondering if there is any way of doing this REALTIME ?

2) Saw someone on Twitter who had a Wireless NIC directly connected to his Wifi Coconut. Is this workable and will it kill my warranty ??

3) I'm about to try using Kismet with the Coconut. Is it better than Wireshark

4) And lastly whew sorry for the pain in the buttiness LOL but are there any step by step tutorials using the Wifi Coconut as yet to find one. I want to use it to pentest my wireless WIFI

Thank you thank you thank you

PS Don't hack me LOL

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I didn't find a new post about your problem, so I'll post in here:

I posted a little video on Twitter a while ago about this issue.
Actually, you just need to create a pipe (FIFO), redirect the traffic of the WiFi Coconut to the pipe and then sniff for traffic on that pipe with Wireshark

Shown in the video (Unfortunately, I can't afford a WiFi Coconut... so I had to simulate the traffic with Tshark.):


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