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Can I retake my stolen pictures wit ogm cable?


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Hi. A “friend” has stolen pictures on my Iphone. He saw me typing my password. And broke in my phone when I left it alone. Now I want to know which pictures he has stolen, and I want to delete them. Is it possible to search on his phone with the OMG cable? Thanks for the response…

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If by that you mean "log into his / her phone, look through it, delete your pics..". No, and yes. It could be used for that, but that would be hacking into the phone, and is illegal in most countries.
Why not simply ask to get the pics deleted ? And, remember, your "friend" committed a crime, you haven't yet. If someone broke into your phone, and copied your stuff, that's illegal, and a matter for the Police. If they post them online / share them with others, that's another crime, or at least it can be.

So, if you know your "friend" has the photos, ask for them to be deleted, or else, go to the police..That's the right way of dealing with it.

PS, keep your phone locked, change the pin / pattern, and don't let anyone see it. DO NOT leave your phone / laptop out of sight, not even for a minute.
I'm just sorry you had to learn this the hard way, I hope everything works out for you..

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