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Hacksaw to not rar movie files?


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Is there anyway to exclude certain file types or only allow certain file types? Because i don't want to uload video files at all. They take up way too much space. Would I have to tweak the raring program command line in the send? or is it a usb dumper mod?

I found this in the RAR Manual.

    -x<f>   Exclude specified file <f>, wildcards may be used both

            in the name and file parts of file mask. You may specify

            the switch '-x' several times.

            If mask contains wildcards, it applies to current directory

            and its subdirectories. It is not recursive without wildcards,

            so if you wish to exclude some "filename" in all directories,

            you need to specify two masks: "filename" for current directory

            and "*filename" for subdirectories. If you know an exact path

            to file, you can use "pathfilename" syntax to exclude only

            this copy of "filename". If you use -xpathfilename syntax

            when unpacking an archive, "path" must be a path inside of

            archive, not a file path on the disk after unpacking.


            1) rar a -r -x*.bak -x*.rar rawfiles

            *.bak and *.rar files will not be added to rawfiles

            2) rar a -r -x*temp -x*temp* savec c:*

            compress all files on the disk c: except temp directories

            and files inside of temp directories

            3) rar x -x*.txt docs

            extract all files except *.txt from docs.rar

    -x@<lf> Exclude files using the specified list file. If you use -x@

            without the list file name parameter, it will read file names

            from stdin.


            rar a -x@exlist.txt arch *.exe

Does anyone know which would be a better choice to use?

Would this line work?

rar a -x*.wmv -x*.avi -x*.mpeg -x*.mpg -x*.asf -x*.mov -x*.vob goodies.rar .docs -v8192k -vn

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