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Hyper-V Manager on Windows 10


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What variant of Windows 10 is it? If it's Home, then you can forget it. Since you mention "office", I guess it's something else though. Hyper-V isn't installed, it's enabled.

And, as always, make backups. If unsure, make backups, If sure, make backups.

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I switch hyper-v on and off regularly with no detrimental issues and definatly no data loss. It's just basically a switch. This is both in Windows 10 Pro and Windows 11 Pro. 

I have to turn hyper-v off if I want to use other virtualisation products like VMware or VirtualBox, I also have to turn it off if I want ot overclock.

I ended up ditching hyper-v in the end due to the no USB support and the difficulty when setting up networks with the virtual switch manager.

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I am wondering that this software is not really good for your PC. Try to avoid it. I tested several products to boost my CPU and GPU. Some of them were certified and some were not. However, the results were pretty common. My GPU were dead after one day. I think that such sofware could be familiar to viruses or using your GPU for another purpose. It's like thives. 

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