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Some firmware fixes / additions


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Since the firmware/framework is so buggy, about a year ago I made some fixes and added some features. Since still no updates are in sight, please check the modifications on this repo if you want to use them (I posted some of them here & there on the forums but a repo is better ^^):


There also are some detailed notes on the KeyCroc's payload execution / command behavior.

  • CrocAP (host AP on your KeyCroc, super useful)
  • Matchless payloads fix (fix the broken matchless payload execution / detection)
  • Environment variables fix (fix the broken environment variables - dirty)
  • Auto-Attackmode option
  • Disable matchless option
  • Other changes like payload execution flow

Please note that this is dirty, mostly. Feel free to create pull requests or submit issues, ideas, ... for improvements.

Some of it might be custom to my needs.

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