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Metasploit bash stderr


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i would like to train with metasploit (6.1.39-dev) on a fresh kali VM (kernel 5.16.0-kali7-amd64) against metsaploitable2 VM. Both systems are in an internal network in Virtualbox.

The unix/misc/distcc_exec should work for getting into metasploitable2. I have confirmed, that i have set LHOST and RHOST and RPORT correctly and (via netcat) that both machines can talk without any firewall interfering.

When issuing `exploit` i get:
Started reverse TCP handler on <LHOST>

[*]<RHOST> - stderr: bash 22: Bad file descriptor

[*]<RHOST> - stderr: bash: /dev/txp/<LHOST>/<LPORT>: No such file or directory

[*]<RHOST> - stderr: bash: 22: Bad file descriptor

[*] Exploit competed, but no session was created.

Exactly the same behavior on a fresh parrot install.
Besides that, i also tried a Win XP SP1 SMB exploit without success.

What is wrong with my setup/What did i wrong/How to troubleshoot this further?


thanks for your help :)

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Well, if you're on VBox, have you checked that the VM's can talk to each other ? There's firewall settings in VBox, that can block VM's from talking to each other.
Try to ping from each side. From your Kali VM, run nmap against the target vm, you should get a response.

Now, you said that you're running the VM's in internal mode ?. If you can, try run them in "bridged mode", so they get a real adress from your router, and show up like machines in your local LAN, some times, "internal" mode can cause troubles. "A NOTE". Know that when / if you run bridged, they will show p as machines in your local network, so if you have other users that you don't trust, don't do it !!.

For a private network that is secure, running in bridged should be no problem, as long as you shut down the vm when you're done with it 🙂

I cant confirm that exploit against metasploitable2, and that exploit, but I will try it, and get back to you, and try to help you figure this out 🙂


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