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Croc pot (safe to use?)


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Finally got my hands on a keycroc and can't wait to start playing with it, out of the box everything works like hak5 shop said😃😃 and now I would like to test some payloads.

Came across this payload at github.com/hak5, my question is has anyone tried this payload out is this safe to run on my keycroc i know everything comes with a risk, i'm not a programmer just starting to get into this field. Looking for any feedback so I don't brick my new keycroc.


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I haven't seen anyone reporting that it should be unsafe to use. Not heard many that uses it either though. In any case, you should be pretty safe since you can factory reset the Croc if anything goes bad for some reason. Also, the things that are published on the Hak5 GitHub is checked to some extent before being made available. That's no 100% guarantee though that everything is safe in all aspects so there's always an amount of risk involved (as said) but that comes with almost anything you do in life.

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Thanks for the reply dark_pyrro

I have searched for any topic about this payload and found nothing so far, so I went ahead and installed the payload and followed the readme, croc pot started up okay. I have not tested everything out yet looks like alot of options in this payload and from what I can tell my key croc seems to be running okay. I have tested on my windows 10 and my raspberry pi 4 I will try to update this forums as I test all these options.

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