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Blinking blue then shutting off


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Only was able to use the pineapple one day then when I went to power it on it went solid blue then blinks and shuts off.  Iv switched around the power cables and Tried the basic troubleshooting nothing works. 

So I started the recovery process but after I changed the IP address  in step two 
(after getting the lights to blink red)  the device won’t connect to the login page. I’m so frustrated anyone got any ideas ? Using a PC windows 11

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When in recovery mode, the LED shouldn't blink red, it should be solid red. I.e. press the hardware button on the Pineapple, apply power and keep on holding the hardware button and count the red LED flashes until you reach 3 of them, then release the hardware button and the LED should remain solid red. Then you should be in the position of being able to reach the recovery web UI.

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