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Wi-Fi 6 - detecting and monitoring band 'ax' (6 GHz)


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(I did my best to search this forum and a bunch of others for this topic with no results).

I'm looking to detect and monitor connections to a Wi-Fi 6 router. I would be grateful for basic advice on a) choice of antennas and b) appropriate options ideally within the aircrack suite to monitor for the presence of Wi-Fi 6 networks and associated clients.

Thank you in advance.

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Responding just to follow this thread and to clarify that 6 GHz is specified within Wi-Fi 6E. I'm looking for a compatible adapter to t0 be able to connect to my own WiFi 6 / WPA3 network and to be able to sniff packets encrypted with WPA3. WPA3 has no real attacks that can break encryption, but an adapter would be useful for attacks when one is already connected.

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