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Bash Bunnny basically no longer works


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I've tried running various payloads, resetting to default, reinstalling firmware - nothing seems to work. The BB will occasionally try to run a script through WIN+R but it is never successful. My laptop randomly upgraded to Win 11 last week and this is the first time i've used my bunny in a year. Is it dead now? It registers everything but nothing seems to work any longer.

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What payloads are you trying to run? Have you tried any other OS than Win11? What problems do you encounter specifically? Does it activate the Windows run dialog and then nothing happens or does it go any further than that? If you check the Windows run history, does characters look messed up or in wrong order or things unrelated inserted at random places? I've experienced problems with the Bunny lately on Win11 specifically. It does what I just asked about. I.e. brings up the Windows run dialog and then enter stuff that seems to resemble what was supposed to be entered, but mixed random chars in it all and in the wrong order, etc. On Win10, it works just as intended. I haven't dug any deeper into it all since I used the Ducky on that specific Win11 box instead.

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I would suggest you write a test script, sending all the characters in slit strings into notepad, then numbers, then special characters, and halt with Notepad open.
That way you can test if it's a keyboard problem / language setting problem, before you begin to debug payloads or write your own.

AV in win11 might be the problem, so manually test every step of a payload, to verify they work as expected, before building the final payload.
In case of binary payloads, make sure they bypass AV and other safeguard first, before you automate deployment in BashBunny.


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