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A ESP32 GPS software substitute

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Just wanted to give a tip to HAK5 and especially @CodyKinzie and @AlexLynd whos work on the RubberNugget i truely are in awe of.

As many of you know, Google uses most Android devices to collect data, including wifi AP BSSID info. This database can be queried through their API in order to geolocate without an GPS module. There is a github project called WifiLocation that enable this function for Arduino MKR1000, ESP8266 and ESP32:


Google demands that an API key is registered (starting at $2 per month for 1000 usages). However, thats cheaper than buying a GPS module.

In any case, its an interesting substitute for a GPS module. I would love to hear your opinions on this in a future episode of "Hacking with Friends" 😊

Also i would like to pose this theoretical question: Could this API be used to do reverse wifi AP BSSID lookup? As in, if you have a longitude and latitude of a place, could you find out which wifi AP BSSID is reachable at that location? If so, it could also be a substitute for wardriving as well...

Finally, thanx for all your Youtube videos! It is a great help for someone with dyslexia to see/hear your information, especially when it is delivered in such a pedagogical level as you all do. In my mind you are the world greatest team in ethical hacking teaching!

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