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Got the 5G adapter, loose connection every time i plug it in.

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So ive had the pineapple for awhile and for the first time in forever the 5g adapter was for sale so i picked it up. Had the pineapple connected to my wifi up and running, i plug in the adapter and get the setup pop-up, i click it and it disconnects me from the network and the client mode interface drop-down is blank, other than that nothing happens when i try to set up the adapter. Am I doing something wrong here? If i disconnect the adapter and reboot the pineapple it'll automatically reconnect to my network and work like normal, but once i plug the adapter in i loose all connection.

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What happens if you use the MK7AC adapter (I assume that's what you have bought) with a computer? Does it work as expected? Just to rule out if the AC adapter is bad or if the problem is linked to the Pineapple itself. You could also try a firmware recovery/factory reset and see if that helps.

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im not 100% sure, I reinstalled my firmware from the updater (used the 2.0.0 beta...might need to roll back), i plugged the adapter in my computer alone (with the PA disconnected) and I can connect to 5Ghz wifi fine so the adapter seems ok alone. Then I disconnect everything and plug in the PA and go to the web portal with the adapter disconnected and everything is fine there too. But it seems whenever i have them on the same computer the wifi settings on the PA get wiped and i cant reconnect until i disconnect the adapter. so far I've tried connecting both the PA and the adapter to my PC in separate USB ports (so not plugged into the PA) and i lose my wifi configuration on the PA. I also tried connecting the PA to my local machine and connecting the adapter to my kali VM and it either removes the wifi client settings but i can still get into the web app or i kicks me out of the webapp but i can SSH in but tends to freeze if i try iwconfig....this strangeness is above my pay grade lol

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