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Samsung SM-T510 Lock Screen

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Hi guys,


I really need help with the lock screen on this tablet.

I bought a rubber ducky usb from Hak5.

The lock screen timeout is currently 64min.

I just needed a script or an inject file.

All scripts i written by myself didn’t work.

script 1 :

DELAY 1000                       it´s working
ENTER                                 it´s working  (if the screen is on)
DELAY 1000                       it´s working
STRING 0001                    it´s working
DELAY 1000                    it´s working
ENTER                             it´s working
DELAY 1920600            don´t know
ENTER                            it´s not working
DELAY 1000                  it´s not working
STRING 0002                it´s not working
DELAY 1000                 it´s not working
ENTER                         it´s not working
DELAY 1920600         it´s not working


script 2 :

DELAY 1000               it´s working
GUI TAB                      it´s working
DELAY 1000              it´s working
STRING 0002           it´s working
DELAY 1000             it´s working
ENTER                       it´s working
DELAY 7680000       don´t know
DELAY 1000             it´s not working
GUI TAB                    it´s not working
DELAY 1000            it´s not working
STRING 0003         it´s not working
DELAY 1000           it´s not working
ENTER                  it´s not working




Thanks for support.

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And, if you are attempting to brute force the lock screen PIN this way, I guess you are about 10 years late to the scene. When Darren did this in 2012 (if I remember it correctly), this was still a possible way of getting access to an Android based device with some "Ducky cracking". Not that long thereafter, this was fixed in newer versions of Android. It is for sure should be fixed in Android 9 (which this specific model should have been shipped with as I understand it).

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