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Scam website has a chunk of my money


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Unlikely. Any requests for help hacking or scamming them back will result in you getting warnings or being named. Go to the police but don't expect much help or sympathy.

Next time, do your research first.

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You gave away 2400 USD/USDT without looking for a review, first?
I don't know what is worst. Get scammed by a site or buying 2400 in USDT.

If you want your money back try reaching Tether and explain to them the situation. Most likely if they operate in a blockchain model you won't get your money back but they have control over the coin as after a recent court order they started printing USDT like crazy. They say that they are paired 1:1 with USD and this is a lie.

Watch this video, to fully understand USDT/Tether is doing.


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