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Can't get into arming mode?


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Hi there all,

I recently bought the Key Croc and still can't get into arming mode after the first time. I have tried using my SIM ejector tool and a paper clip, but still nothing. I did verify the lights worked no problem, and when I got it into arming mode for the first time it did show the collected keystrokes. I simply can't get it back into arming mode. It is just in attack mode, and I do here a slight rattle inside the croc, so I'm assuming the button fell off inside? I haven't opened it to verify. I was curious if anyone had any solutions or should I just submit a claim for it?

TLDR: Can't get into arming mode after the first time and I hear a slight rattle inside; so should I submit a claim or user error?

Thanks in advance for any replies I get to this :)


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