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Computer Security and Privacy Question


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I have a question related to privacy and inter security.

I do not know what I am talking about.... My question is :

1) If you are aware, that your Internet / Laptop / Computer ISP, may be watching all traffic, or you are being hacked, and this may have been happening for years, what solution do you have?

2) Should I just abandon all computers & data, because they will not be private.

Thanks for your responses.

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If you are in the position to know that those things are happening then you will know what you are talking about and there are things you can do about it. The reality, it's very unlikely it is happening, modern systems name it generally to hard to do it effectively, persistently, and across the board.

For number two, no, just take sensible precautions, these have been covered on both Hak5 and Threat Wire quite a few times, have a look back through the archive.

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