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Rubber Ducky’s problem


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I just ordered a HAK5 rubber ducky device - to use it as a pentesting tool for my pentesting study guide.

So, when I plug the device in for the first time, there is a steady red light and the PC does not recognize anything at all.

In the device manager - there seems to be one keyboard device (my normal one, as I do have a desktop PC) and no USB at all.

In the menu, nothing appears, no USB not anything. The PC scans nothing and nothing seems to be different at all when I plug the device in.

Can you help me out? Thanks.

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i have the new usb rubber ducky 2 witht the usb type c on one end,


i have put a couple payloads on there and it has worked but now, the usb wont come out of arming mode. i know pressing the button puts it into arming mode but now it wont come out of it. it has a couple times but alot of the time it wont


what should i do ? i dont get the button 



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