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Viewing Kismet logs on a map in privacy?


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This is my second thread here, still a newb, please be nice 🙂

Im trying to learn penetrating testing in order to harden some equipment i am developing at work. I watched the Hak5 youtube video on wardriving with a headless Raspberry Pi and i have successfully done my first wardrive. However, due to problems of installing drivers to my Alfa AWUS036ACH in Raspbian, i resorted to running the wardriving of my Kali laptop. During a couple of hours i gathered thousends of AP's in my neighbourhood, and everything work just fine. But when i tried to use the Kismet "ADSB Live" function to view the SSID's on a map, it didnt work. No error messages, just a blank map. Ive checked, and Kismet worked with my GPS reciever (i bought the same as shown in the video, G-STAR IV) and saved true coordinates, so thats not the problem. After many hours of problemsolving, i gave up and shut down my computer.

Since there doesnt seem to be any way of importing a .kismet log into Kismet for viewing post-wardriving, im now looking for a service or software that can import the log and plot them on a map. However, as a newb, im a bit paranoid about being fingerprinted as a potential bad guy, so i dont want this logs to get anywhere near Google, Microsoft or any other company/site that might record the data...

Do any of you know of a way to get the logs plotted on a map without risc to my privacy?

P.S. I have successfully exported the logs to .gpx, .json and .csv(wigle csv). However, when i try to search for viewers for these filetypes, i find myself way over my head and unable to gather if any of the options are respecting privacy... For instance, wigle claims to protect privacy, but their closed source, so you know.....

I would greatly appreciate any insight or advice in this matter, since the only way to convince our company to invest enough money in IT security is to demonstrate actual weaknesses. They dont respond to rational arguments you see, so i need to prove that wardriving is a real thing.

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Not sure if hardening stuff against wardriving is the top priority when it comes to cybersec, but if there are relevant reasons, then why not. Anyway, I'd suggest heading over to the Kismet Discord server and ask (or the Hak5 Discord server since Dragorn is pretty active there as well).

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