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USB Rubber Ducky Components


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Hi! I have a few questions regarding the USB Rubber Ducky and Hak5 products.

Does Hak5 send Lightning Connector (for connecting to iPhone port) along with the USB Rubber Ducky? Does the package also include a micro-USB?

Could you please mention all the other components which will be sent with the USB Rubber Ducky?

Also, does Hak5 ship its products to India?

Thank you


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What you get is what you see in the picture in the shop. No Lightning connector, no micro-USB (whatever that is). Only the USB Rubber Ducky, Micro SD card, Micro SD card to USB Type A adapter, case for the USB Rubber Ducky. As I remember discussions here, or at least on Discord, no shipping is available to India directly from Hak5.


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