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Pineapple MK VII firmware upgrade issues


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I have the Wifi Pineapple MK VII. I When I log in to the admin interface, it says the firmware version is 1.0.2, as does the welcome text when I SSH into he device. The pineapple web UI says that I am on the latest version, which is not the case. I tried the manual update process, scp the bin file onto the pinepple and install using:

sysupgrade -n -v /tmp/upgrade.bin

I get this message:

Image metadata not found
Use sysupgrade -F to override this check when downgrading or flashing to vendor firmware
Image check failed.

What should I do to proceed and upgrade the Wifi Pineapple? Thanks for any help

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First attempt was to connect to the pineapple (USB C, and wifi options were both used), then, go into settings in the HTML UI and check for updates. It always shows me at 1.0.2 and states that there are no updates available. Given the 1.1.1 online, that seems to be incorrect.

I then followed these instructions:


Absolutely nothing happens with those instructions, with an 8GB USB, exFAT formatted, with only that 1.1.1 bin file as downloaded, including checking the hash.

Not sure why it cannot find the firmware update online, or on the USB stick. There is an option in the HTML UI to re-apply the existing firmware. Is this worth a try in case it is corrupted somehow?

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Further to this, I think there is something going on with this pineapple. I turn it on, and for a short period, I can log in to the HTML UI. After a few minutes, the HTML UI basically stops working. I can browse around all of the screens, but no actual data is show, and no buttons work. I reboot the pineapple, and again, only a few minutes of HTML UI is allowed.

Any way to recover from this? Thanks

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