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Lan Turtle SD variant


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I bought a lan turtle SD, installed a 128gb card and used the format sd option under configuration, ran df and the sd is not showing up and neither is any additional storage.  There is practically zero documentation that I can find on the subject,  could someone please give me a rundown of the steps I need to start utilizing the extra storage?  Been fighting with this for a while now. 

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Do you have any SD card with less storage size to test with? There is information available on the forum that it's possible to see the partition but that it can't be mounted (128 GB card). I can't verify any upper size since I have the "1st gen" Turtle without any SD card slot. What do you refer to when saying "neither is any additional storage"? What other storage isn't being mounted that should be mounted?

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so after nixing the format sd on the lan turtle and using disk genius to format it, I was able to view the sd card mounted... my problem now lies with how to download git since I dont seem to have enough storage... if there is a way to expand the file system to utilize the sd card as well that would be incredible... any insight on that?

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Expanding storage isn't possible in the way I think you are referring to. You could possibly use non-standard installation destinations. If so, you need to define the SD card as such a non-standard location (if not already defined). I can't remember the exact location, but opkg.conf could be in /etc

Add something like this:

dest sd /sd

Where /sd should represent the mounted location for the SD card

Then install

opkg -d sd install git

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