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  1. I was thinking with the power of tetra, it would be really cool to make a fluxion module for tetra. Is this at all possible?
  2. yeah i have flashed it twice now. Im about to go through number 3. first time it did not do the police lights. second time it did and i went ahead and removed all folders off of the bunny.
  3. I am having the same issue with installing tools. I put the folders or the .deb into the tools folder. safely eject, plug it back in and the tools are just sitting in the tools folder. I serial into bunny and the tools were not added to the tools folder.
  4. so I cannot seem to install tools. I tried adding the impacket deb file. tried just copying the responder and impacket folders to the /tools/ folder safe ejected and plugged back in. nothing... am i doing something wrong?
  5. Since i updated the bashbunny i cannot get the ethernet to show up. am i doing something wrong or is anybody else having the same issue?
  6. Wondering the same. I have the same issue with usb and smb exfiltrator. LED turns green but no documents are stored.
  7. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar.
  8. and onus it should auto install with bb.sh
  9. got it running and the light went blue but im not getting any information in my poisontap.cookies file. Anybody have any idea as to why?
  10. cant figure out how to run install.sh on my linux box. any info would be greatly appreciated.
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