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Rubber ducky. Help…. not showing any lights after flashing. I can still enter dfu mode but that’s all I’m able to.


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I just bought the usb rubber ducky and tried it out today. I was having some trouble with some stuff, but i was able to figure it out soon thanks to google and many in the community. I ran into a problem and guide suggested flashing my usb rubber ducky to twin duck. I did just that using your rubber ducky flasher. I was able to succesfully put the divce into dfu mode no problem. So it completes the process no problem, well after that my rubber ducky no longer emits a red or green light. Its like its in dfu mode, but its not. I tried reflashing the rubber ducky with all of your other options in the usb rubber ducky flasher menu such as 1,2, and 3 options. It was flashed with no issues. I it doesnt light up though. The sd card works fine in the sd card reader. I can flash the rubber ducky, add payloads to the rubber ducky, but i cant get it to light back up and perform its main function. I've tired resolving the issues on mac, windows bootcamp on mac, and a kali linux virtual machine, but nothing works. i really hope someone could help me. 

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