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Catching a thief


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Hello. Hoping someone can send me in the right direction. I would like to create a USB drive that could pinpoint where it is being used if stolen and gather any information about the user's computer. Of course, this would be done without the person's knowledge who stole the drive. Thanks.

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This could be somewhat of a grey area. You're essentially collecting information that doesn't belong to you, breaking into a computer system that doesn't belong to you, so you're comitting a crime, no matter who owns the system. The point being, the system is not yours, only the data is.
If you don't want others to snoop around your data, encrypt them, and don't loose the drive 🙂

But on the tech side, this could be done in Powershell, it should have all the things you'll need to gather info, package it, and send it to some kind of server.
So, dig into Powershell and see what you can come up with, and please, be responsible with it 😉

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