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OMG Cable Information / Review


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HI, I'd like to start by saying the idea for this cable is briliiant, However the lack of information and documentation surrounding the cable is pretty poor. The guys in the slack channel do a very good job in replying to your questions though.

I just wanted to highlight a few of my thoughts about the product.

I will just clear up that the keylogger cable DOES NOT log keys when just inserted into a computer or phone. It NEEDS to be positioned inbetween a keyboard and computer. This is written in the product description but can be easily overlooked.

Secondly, with the usb c end cables I found that when trying to execute on phone devices the cable just falls out and secondly when the executing side of the cable is in the phone, it does not charge the phone. 

Another note is with the usbc to lightning cable if you put the lightning cable end into a phone it will not execute you need to have the usbc end in the phone.

The flashing and web interface is very intuitive and easy to use you can set the cable up within 5 minutes and the executing payloads remotely is really cool. 

So overall at the current stage the feasibility for attacking phones with the cable is limited but attacking computers works really well.

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This actually is in the docs:

Keylogger: https://github.com/O-MG/O.MG_Cable-Firmware/wiki#keylogger

Mobile payloads: https://github.com/O-MG/O.MG_Cable-Firmware/wiki#mobile-payloads


But we know a lot of people don’t read the docs in advance, so we make sure to include the important bits in the product pages listed on Hak5: 


The Keylogger Edition was specifically built to be used against keyboards with detachable cables. Please see the developer page for information about the status of firmware features, supported keyboards, and more.”


”For demos and experimentation, USB-C mobile attacks are another included feature: plug just the USB-C end into a smartphone or tablet.”

I tried to include accurate diagrams and demos in the product videos too, but those are tricky because it’s hard to fit everything into such a short “promo” video. 

Let me know if you think there is anything missing. It's tricky trying to get all the info presented that is relevant to each customer. The OMG Cable is very flexible, and each customer has different needs. So there is a lot to cover. 

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