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What is the best way to setup internet connection for us hackers?


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Yo guys I’m quite new to hacking a rookie so to say. I want to set up the best ways confiqs settings etc next to utilising the best hardware types you can for ur buck. I already have pineapple mark vii but currently on the landlords WiFi and it’s leaky and not private… 

I like to know what I would need for a proper hacker network connection in terms of hardware and set ups programs next to PA Mark Vii using Mac Pro 13 using Amazon Light Sail server and cloud c2.

Just shoot me any tip about hardware devices like fixed- midi or using AC routers, extenders or none of those. Do I even need another router/modem or is PA MVii offering all I need?

Hope to hear and converse about your set ups and recommendations fellow hckrs.

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