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Antennas for Mark VII


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I would like to know if it is possible to put in a sectoral antenna or an omnidirectional for more range of scope to perform a captive portal attack.

Looking at some places that have connected yagi antennas, but I understand that the kind of signal would be linear.

Have any of you made any similar scenarios?
I would also like to know if WISP wirel connections could be audited.

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I've personal used omni directional antennas as (you probably know) it works in a circual broadcast motion so I can pick up more surrounding me. The linear/sectoral all depends on their broadcasting "width" angel etc... So can be a bit  harder to get a "good" broadcast, so end up spending more time fiddling with them. If you want to target something further, why not just hide a device (rasberry pi, pineapple) near the area you want to target. Might have to be creative.

This is the antenna i've used Omni Antenna, not bad signal. But depends on your area surroundings etc.

I am assuming you can audit WISP, I mean it is a network with just outdoor repeaters. The only thing with Sectoral antenna's people become suspious of them. If you dont have a satalite dish or tv areial people do ask questions.

So I guess it just depends on your project, area etc.. You'll have to try different methods, it took me about a month to do my research and switching between different  antennas/devices.

Good luck!

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