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  1. @Foxtrot I am disappointed but not surprised at your 2nd attempt to shut me down, I mean closing a Topic after your comment. I mean seriously? Is your word final? You are a representative of Hak5 and I expect your behaviour to be a little bit more professional. But I will do you the courtesy and address your comments. "Old account" I am no liar, I have explained my problem logging in to a previous member (Jtyle6) and wish not to keep repeating myself. Telling me 100 times its not block or it works on my system does not help my cause. But anyway I have found a work around it. So its not an issue for me anymore. "The forums are not customer support. They are a community driven resource" Once a person buys a product/service [Pineapple] from a company [Hak5] they are classed as a "Customer" , right? How else can they debug/test your product without purchasing it. So dressing it down as "community driven resource" does not wash and I'm sure trading laws see it the same. We are customers period. "and I do not appreciate you suggesting that the people on here who disagree with you are paid by us to do so" Foxtrot, no member has commented/disagreed on any of my post and I have replied back saying they get paid from you [Hak5], this is a false statement by you. I have no idea, why you think you can twist a comment like that which is public and get away with it. Did you think I wouldn't pick up on it? "We are an incredibly small team, and finding the time to reply to every forum thread is hard sometimes. Just because your thread didn't receive a staff reply doesn't mean it was ignored by us." Yes it is very clear you are a small team, I think I called it in over your heads. Again, where are you getting this assumption that I am/was awaiting from a response from you/your staff? But let's assume I was awaiting for a response, then yes you did "ignore my post". However you found the time to comment on "Thermostaten" . Do you not think if you wrote a comment about the topic to the person who raised it, might make the person feel they are being listen to? Just a suggestion. A no response is assumed as being ignored. How are people meant to know what you and your staff read/ignore. So in this cause I dont buy the "I was too busy/small team" excuse, you clearly opted to not reply (ignore) the topic creator aka JuicyFruit. "It seems very clear to me that JuicyFruit/includeV has had a poor experience with his device, and for that I am personally sorry that this was the case, - however -, some things need to be clarified:" I do not accept you are sorry for my experience, otherwise you would have found the few seconds to reply (as above). Its only because I am making comments in these forum that you do not like you are replying and trying to shut me down. "I feel like my post sufficiently sums up the points raised in this post" Are you serious? You did not address a single post of my original post. Its taken you over a month to respond to everything I have posted except this topic! Foxtrot (2 left feet) I get the impression you are used to people telling you how "great you are" and not telling you how it is, and I sense a level of arrogance from you (from your response). If you had produced this device in any other company you would have been fired ages ago. I'm not here to big up anyone's ego, the fact is the device design and concept is great. But the execution of it is poor, which does not reflect in the price. Nor you or anyone can explain to me, how this device (3x the price of the Raspberry Pi) is anywhere near better. This is a clear attempt from you, to stop me posting negative (or the truth) about the device or Hak5 behaviour. You cannot tell me that this device is not over priced and buggy. I'd advise you to spend more time in the forums then hiding is discord as it looks as if your hiding. I get a lot of people in my field asking me about the device, I have yet to recommend this device since purchasing it. Maybe one day, who knows. I am happy/expect you to close this topic and/or remove my account as you do.
  2. I know, they just dont get it! I just been asked, by Jtyle6 a Dedicated Member I must add as as to why i am "bitter" towards a product & company that took MY money and sold me as device that many people have proven isnt ready and they stuggle to support, the audacity of it! like I must be greatful..
  3. Lol I'm starting to think your just using the thing, for the fun factor. I mean, if you were serious about capturing handshakes you wouldnt use this, right?
  4. You'll have to join discord, thats were all the so call support hide!! A little less public!
  5. @jtyle, what is a dedicated member? lol If I have to explain to you (again) the issue(s) i had (very important HAD), then you've just proved my point about Hak5. So i'll skip that rhetorical question. The documentation, does not cover bugs.. I have never asked any questions on How to/ How do I. I know it [Juicy Fruit] still exists, I tried to recreate the account (after the Login page said my user details does not exist) with the same credital/email as I joined up with before and guess what.... The registration page said the account already exist!! So which is right, the login page or the registration page? Rasberry PI 4
  6. Just checking, you are refering to the Wifi Pineapple VII right? If so, how much is Hak5 paying you to broadcast such non sense of how "great" the device is. The fact is, it is not a great device. A rasberry PI is a great device, not this device. You get the same hardware and software as we all, so its a level playing field, and some how, it works soo well for you and buggy for others? It just makes no sense in what your saying. Be honest, how much tweaking have you had to do to get it to run as it was sold to you as? PS Never aplogise for asking questions. No one sounds stupid asking questions, thats how we ALL learn.
  7. @PIX - Hi, I am JuicyFruit, my account got block. Not sure why, but dont care as no one will shut me up!! No, the thing is still flakey, mostly the web interface. So I just SSH into the thing and run certain tools. I dont even use the web interface anymore. I have just had to cut my loses and admitted I got fooled by the "kitchen hype". I feel like an ex Qanon supporter!!! Rant part II - I hope people read this before purchases this thing. It is very clear that hak5 are well over their heads and the company ethics are terrible. Lets break it down. Its clear, they dont have a team to beta test the device. They rely on "paying" customer to test and report bugs that hardly get fixed. Have I missed something? I am a paying customer and you want to brand the Pineapple a "Community project"!!! Is that what you tell the IRS, are our payments classed as donation? The support here is terrible. Its only becuase I know a bit of linux, that I can make something of this device, something that was not sold to me as. How about the people, who are not linux strong and fell for the ease of use hype? Its only because of the type of customers they [Hak5] got who are willing to spend time/money helping, is why they get away with such poor service/products. People, a lot of hak5 device, and tools you can build yourself. Just get to know kali, the tools available and use a rasberry pi. There is nothing the thing can do, that a pi cant! Thats just a fact. If something sounds too good to be true (especially from hak5) then.... Invest in yourself, not hak5. JuictFruit.
  8. Hi, I've personal used omni directional antennas as (you probably know) it works in a circual broadcast motion so I can pick up more surrounding me. The linear/sectoral all depends on their broadcasting "width" angel etc... So can be a bit harder to get a "good" broadcast, so end up spending more time fiddling with them. If you want to target something further, why not just hide a device (rasberry pi, pineapple) near the area you want to target. Might have to be creative. This is the antenna i've used Omni Antenna, not bad signal. But depends on your area surroundings etc. I am assuming you can audit WISP, I mean it is a network with just outdoor repeaters. The only thing with Sectoral antenna's people become suspious of them. If you dont have a satalite dish or tv areial people do ask questions. So I guess it just depends on your project, area etc.. You'll have to try different methods, it took me about a month to do my research and switching between different antennas/devices. Good luck!
  9. Im a bit lost in what your trying to achive, are you trying to install firmware on the device? If so, just do it via USB, ie no need to connect it to your computer. Try Hak5 Docs install Firmware via USB
  10. Hi, Have you tried flashng the device via USB and just leaving the password as set in the config file? ie dont change anything? Maybe, try getting the device to flash using default settings might work. Once/if you get into the web interface (your not missing much), then you can start changing passwords, ip addresses etc. When i first brought the thing, I couldnt get the hold for 4 secons button process to work. So I had to flash via USB, but I never configured anything just let it do its thing, then I change all I needed. If unable to get it working via USB default, then i'd say your device is f****
  11. Yeah, I have the same problem. I just SSH into the pineapple and run airodump-ng, airocrack..etc in the background. I'm just bored of hearing myself moan about it. Unfortunetly the web interfaces interaction with background tools is a bit hit and miss. Freezes, web GUI update status incorrect and plenty reboots Its not you, trust me. You'll just have to find ways around it. Maybe one day, we will get a device that runs smoothly.
  12. Hi, Https traffic is encrypted 128bits (or 256bit) , ie making it near impossible to crack. Hence why there is no tools out there be able to view https traffic.
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