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Evil Portal shows on management wifi, not open wifi?


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I don’t know what I’ve misconfigured. 

Pineapple management SSID: Pine

Open Wifi: Jim’s House

i want a captive portal to display when someone joins Jim’s House however:

1.) The portal displays when a new client connects to Pine (with password)

2.) I am unable to connect to Jim’s House even after forgetting the network, restarting, etc. 


I am nearly there… what am I doing wrong?

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seeing same issue, but on the EVIL portal, which need a credential !?

how to set the evil portal on the open web access ?


and another issue is that when i click on the preview, the pop up is blank !


any tips please ?


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Which AP other than the management and open one are you running? What portal(s) are you using? Some created by yourself, the Kleo ones, or some other? There should be no problem getting it to work on the Open AP of the Mark VII. I have mine set up and it has always worked as it should. If the preview is blank, then I guess there's something with any specific portal that has been created. Not the Mark VII or the Evil Portal module itself.

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i think i do something wrong and my differents wlan interfaces are "mixed" 

which command i can test on console, to see whats wrong or help debug  .


only one time i see something on the preview page !

i use the Kleo portals. they appear right on MK7


i'm running the AP management access point, the Open Access point only.

Evil WPA acess point is disable.


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You have to specify more in detail what you have done to be able to troubleshoot. Are you using evil portals of your own or are you using some pre-made? Any errors when starting the evil portal module? What happens when you connect to the open AP of the Pineapple? Able to access the network and connect to the AP? Networking enabled and functional?

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I have an AP management access point and a Open AP setup both are showing fine I can connect to them no problem, however why am I getting the Evil portal showing up on the management connection as well is there away to configure this?

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