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  1. I actually did not use the ICS procedure that you referenced - that wasn't my intent (at least I don't think) - but maybe Microsoft is doing that for me. My thought process was to use that Ethernet over USB connection solely to access the MkVII for admin purposes. I configured the Pineapple to be a MITM device using my home AP as its internet source. So clients attach to the open network on the MkVII and gain access to my home AP via that other network interface. I did not intend my windows machine to be any part in the middle-man network, just using it to monitor the Pin
  2. I'm also having some issues - but I'm not sure it's the Pineapple filter settings or the devices I'm trying to connect. So far, the only devices that I have been trying to connect to the open AP are my phone and tablet - both of which (by default) randomize their MAC addresses. I did disable that option, and captured the MAC addresses on the Pineapple - then putting that address in the filter table. When I set that table to the "Allow" option, I am unable to connect with them. When I toggle to the "Deny" option, I can then connect - but so can anyone. So it appears to me at this poi
  3. I'm new to the pineapple as a pentest and exploration device. I've set up the basics using the USB connection to a Windows machine and have encountered some weird issues - which is probably due to Windows. Regardless, I would like to hear about the way people interact with their pineapple during "normal ops". Here is what happened to me: Plugged MkVII into USB port on windows machine. That machine was currently connected to my home WiFi. Windows recognized it as an Ethernet adapter without access to the internet. I was able to ping the Pineapple and access the UI via Chrome (s
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