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So for the past week, i've been addicted to metasploit, I have learned how to remotely connect to shell, upload, delete, and manage files, and even execute apps! But I have encountered one issue. If the app I want to execute has a graphical user interface, I cannot see it or interact with it. For example, if I want to open chrome, I would just navigate to the chrome.exe directory and send execute -f chrome.exe. But once it's open, it shows on the user's screen. Is there a way to open an app with a UI like chrome in the background and be able to see it and interact with it?

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Not on a Windows box, to do that you would need something like RDP or VNC to view the screen and then do things.

The only alternative I did use once was a mixture of taking screenshots and using mouse move and key press to interact with the app. That was a very long and impractical session but got me what I wanted in the end.

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