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Replace Harddrive


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Ok lets see if I have this right... I'm trying to fix this computer for one of my friends, I was updating and installing a new AV on one of their computers and from the other one I heard the death rattle of a dieing hard drive. Then a few days later they called me up again because the computer became DOG SHIT SLOW, everything worked, but it was SLOW, things in memory came up quick but anything else DOG SHIT SLOW (it was very slow) So I'm pretty sure the HD is about to die. Now if this was my computer I would just backup what I needed and drop in a new HD and install the OS from scratch... They don't want me to do this, so I'm thinking pop in a linux live CD and

dd if=/dev/oldharddrive of=/dev/newharddrive

there would be a size difference in the HD of gigs this is not the best way to do it? and keep the OS working (XPro SP2)

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