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Pineapple Mk7 & C2: Pre-provision for client deployment/mailing


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Is there any instruction for pre-provisioning the Pineapple to be sent out to a client where it already knows how to connect to their Wifi and our C2? - kind of like you would do for the Signal Owl? I've done some home testing and perused the file structures looking for wpa_supplicant code - and I can see a LOT of customizations that Hak5 has done for this great product?

This is one of the scenarios that C2 promises and some advice would be nice. Or is it better to have them do a drop box that we can connect the Wifi to using ICS?

I was having issues with the Signal Owl at one client's office disconnecting periodically - so I reconstituted some of the bash and used a crontab to reconnect hourly. Is there something similar like this for the Pineapple Mk7


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