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  1. A few quick points: 1. I love hak5 gear, but as a previous software developer turned security guy - I know how frustrating it is when you create software and then learn there are other use cases that are not working as well for others. I want to remind everyone that the software is open source. You are paying for the hardware. 2. In the open source world - nothing always just "works". It needs tweaks - you need to understand the linux kernel and the version of linux that is installed. Open source means we have to work together to make things better. So Darren only got some of you 80% there. Quit complaining and add constructively to the conversation and if it's beyond your current learning - TRY HARDER! 3. If you're having issues with the GUI and that is all you are relying on - you need to go learn the aircrack-ng suite. This way you can test your own scenarios. The best course out there (albeit aged) is from OffSec - the OSWP course - you will definitely understand the ins and outs better. Learn some raw commands and quit complianing about the GUI - you only sound like an ungrateful N00B - and noobs shouldn't be wifi testing - go learn network pentesting first. 4. I also do get frustrated - especially with the Signal Owl - I thought this device to be a mini-pineapple form factor because it has aircrack-ng suite. But it was compiled with a version of nmap that does not support -sC nor can it do terminal multiplexing (screen) out of the box to handle wifi attacks well unless you can master bg/fg/jobs- but even that had errors. I wish these were still available because I still do love it for what it CAN do. I do use mine to test out guest and corporate networks, use airodump-ng to see the SSID and STAs and Associations - everything short of wifi and network attacking - which if I need that - I send a pineapple. Also - I had one environment where it kept disconnecting from C2. Instead of complaining - I reviewed the OS and scripts Hak5 wrote - and created my own script to reconnect to wifi and c2 every hour if things got disconnected using a crontab. Many of you complianing do not understand low-level hardware and hardware hacking and protocols. Be thankful for what you have and never keep learning.
  2. Is there any instruction for pre-provisioning the Pineapple to be sent out to a client where it already knows how to connect to their Wifi and our C2? - kind of like you would do for the Signal Owl? I've done some home testing and perused the file structures looking for wpa_supplicant code - and I can see a LOT of customizations that Hak5 has done for this great product? This is one of the scenarios that C2 promises and some advice would be nice. Or is it better to have them do a drop box that we can connect the Wifi to using ICS? I was having issues with the Signal Owl at one client's office disconnecting periodically - so I reconstituted some of the bash and used a crontab to reconnect hourly. Is there something similar like this for the Pineapple Mk7
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