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First impressions

Aaron Outhier

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Well, I got my Mark 7 in the mail yesterday, after waiting 10 days for it to arrive. (I should know better than to order late on a Friday, but I digress)...

I got it up and running, but I must say I was just a bit disappointed in a few things. Overall, I do like it! Just a few minor things I don't like.

I am a bit disappointed in the lack of plugins. I must put credit where credit is due however. I first came into the Hak5 & WiFi Pineapple scene about 2 years ago. The Mark VI Nano and Tetra were more established then than the Mark 7 is now. I kind of suspect there were similar delays getting plugins last time around also. Good things come to those who wait.

Then there is the issue of the Pineapple doesn't work locally if the C2 platform is configured on it. I hope that is a temporary workaround for another issue and gets fixed soon.

I have an idea for the Pineapple that I think will be awesome! It will require some extensive software modifications however, and would be quite an undertaking for the Hak5 team. More on this in another post.

What would be really incredible, however, is a plug-in system that could be accessed in the C2 system. Like, so that plugins could be accessed & triggered from the C2 panel

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