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ICS issue more ubuntu than pineapple though


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I have ICS set up on my desktop and laptop it's set up via the link found here...https://infosecwriteups.com/wifi-pineapple-how-to-setup-internet-connection-sharing-ics-on-linux-e5a544345738

It works great on my desktop however when I try it on my laptop I'm having issues. Namely I can't connect to the internet once the pineapple is connected via USB.

When I look at the routing tables on the laptop, it puts the pineapple gateway at the top, which seems to be the issue. If I change the metric so that it pushes the gateway down to the bottom of the routing table everything works fine.

So here's my question rather than manually changing the metric every time I want to use ICS on my laptop anyway I can set up my routing table to automatically push the pineapple gateway down the routing table?

I've tried adding a static route but then when my pineapple is disconnected and reconnected, it not only adds the route via the netplan config but still adds the gateway route for the pineapple before the gateway I'm sharing my connection on and I can't get onto the internet again.

Any one kind enough to point me to a resource for setting up ICS in ubuntu in such a way that I can just plug the pineapple and and voila...

Oh and I tried the wp7.sh script, no dice there. Seems to have the exact same effect as manually creating the ICS.

I mean I guess I can just keep manipulating the metric or the route and rebooting the pineapple when I'm using my laptop top, but it'd sure be nice to not have to, because well, I'm lazy that way.

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