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  1. Thanks, this is indeed the issue. PEBPAC
  2. Until I get done testing it myself it will continue to SEEM that way. Because I'm a glutton for punishment and have to run my lab tests. Because I'm a jackass that way, LOL
  3. I'm also going to try killing my testAP so the device CAN'T connect to the AP and only have my pineapple to connect back to. I'll give it a go when I have time and let you know if it works as planned...
  4. I think I have it figured out but will need to test it. The "real" AP the clients were originally connected to in my test environment was WPA2. It seems that it won't connect to an open AP of the same name. From other posts in this forum it seems that may be why the clients aren't connecting to the pineapple after deauth. That seems to be what I'm reading here...at the very least I'm not the only one having issues...
  5. So for the record I have testAP in my ssid pool and then I name my openAP to testAP. Is this the correct configuration? I have been using bettercap for a while now this is actually my first venture into the wifi pineapple. I watched and followed along with the best I could with the VII getting started video, but it's still entirely possible I bolloxed this up.
  6. I made sure these were all connected to 2.4.
  7. I have ICS set up on my desktop and laptop it's set up via the link found here...https://infosecwriteups.com/wifi-pineapple-how-to-setup-internet-connection-sharing-ics-on-linux-e5a544345738 It works great on my desktop however when I try it on my laptop I'm having issues. Namely I can't connect to the internet once the pineapple is connected via USB. When I look at the routing tables on the laptop, it puts the pineapple gateway at the top, which seems to be the issue. If I change the metric so that it pushes the gateway down to the bottom of the routing table everything works fine. So here's my question rather than manually changing the metric every time I want to use ICS on my laptop anyway I can set up my routing table to automatically push the pineapple gateway down the routing table? I've tried adding a static route but then when my pineapple is disconnected and reconnected, it not only adds the route via the netplan config but still adds the gateway route for the pineapple before the gateway I'm sharing my connection on and I can't get onto the internet again. Any one kind enough to point me to a resource for setting up ICS in ubuntu in such a way that I can just plug the pineapple and and voila... Oh and I tried the wp7.sh script, no dice there. Seems to have the exact same effect as manually creating the ICS. I mean I guess I can just keep manipulating the metric or the route and rebooting the pineapple when I'm using my laptop top, but it'd sure be nice to not have to, because well, I'm lazy that way.
  8. Unboxing and setup just great and as expected from write-ups and videos ICS from Linux did now work with the w7.sh script, specifically Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS. I kept getting a "too many links error" It looks like ufw was the cause, so I reset that and disabled it, that cleared the "too many links error" but still no go on the sharing. Filling used the steps here...https://infosecwriteups.com/wifi-pineapple-how-to-setup-internet-connection-sharing-ics-on-linux-e5a544345738 and got it to work. Though it doesn't like to play well with mozilla VPN so that needed to be turned off to get ICS working properly. Seemed to enumerate SSID's well enough but a little sluggish with getting clients that are associated with the SSID's. I had a phone and tablet connected to my test AP and only the tablet would show up, and even then not reliably. AP is only about 20 feet away. After adding the MAC and SSID to the Allow filter (so only those macs would associate with the allowed SSID) and then successfully de-athenticating the devices neither of the devices would connect to the pineapple. I made sure all the necessary things were checked, allow association, broadcast SSID, I even changed the mode to aggressive, but no dice. The devices just wouldn't connect. One is a pixel 4, the other is a Lenovo table. Just for giggles I also tried my Roku...but nothing. So thus far things seem to be working except getting clients to connect. I am on the latest firmware. Any suggestions? Thanks
  9. I haven't had much luck with this. At all. I follow all the above steps. I can connect to the internet on my laptop and can connect to the pineapple, but if I try to check for news and updates on the pineapple, or download a module. I get nothing. Tomorrow I'll try to just connect a device to the open ap and see what happens. Maybe it's only routing some traffic???
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