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Apple ID Hack


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Looking for answers. So I’ve been trying to research my “problem” and found a few seemingly paranoid posts on this forum which sound a lot like my situation. I will spare everyone by not data dumpling my entire iPhone analytics lol but I’m looking for help deciphering them. Can someone point me in the right direction to hire someone to analyze my data? I’m certain my Apple ID has been compromised along with every linked account/app. I’ve watched my apple ID name change right in front of me and apple support informed me someone has changed my credentials. I’ve gone through the authorities with little help. It is imperative I get some clarity with a divorce trial in 2 days and the nature of my business. I have 2 factor on everything but they are able to bypass pass it somehow. Is this easy to do ? I am looking to find the source of the breach . It’s most likely Apple, Google or FB. If anyone would be willing to help please let me know. I appreciate your time. 1989762912_m.jpg

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